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Advocacy and Public Awareness


The Sub-Directorate: Education and Training is responsible for formalised capacity-building projects across the DRR continuum, in order to enhance career pursuance, to improve disaster management skills and mainly to build resilient communities. The Sub-directorate formalised partnerships with external stakeholders such as institutions of higher learning, the Department of Basic Education and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) for capacity Building of local government practitioners and councillors. The following projects are therefore implemented within the Sub-directorate:  

  • The development of a framework to inform the DRR school toolkit to be incorporated into the schooling system to improve resilience of schools' infrastructure and enhance social cohesion.
  • The development of a capacity building programme for traditional leaders, politicians and local government stakeholders.
  • Partnerships with institutions of higher learning on the development and implementation of disaster risk management education and training programmes.