CHIEF DIRECTORATE: Information Technology, Intelligence And Information Management Systems


The Chief Directorate: Information Technology, Intelligence and Information Management Systems guides the development of a comprehensive information management and communication system and establishes integrated communication links with all disaster management role players.

Directorate: Early Warnings and Capability Management Systems

The NDMC's Directorate Early Warnings and Capability Management Systems is located within the Chief Directorate: Information Technology, Intelligence and Information Management Systems. The unit's purpose is to promote, develop, evaluate and maintain the National Risk and Vulnerability Profile, Disaster Management Early Warning Systems, Geographic Information and Capability systems.

The unit is currently responsible for three main key initiatives within the organization, namely: the updating and maintenance of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to develop and maintain an early warning platforms and its subsequent dissemination, and the ability to conduct national risk profiling in terms of identify hazards, specifying categories of vulnerability and gaining an understanding of the capacity/ resources to respond.  In fulfilling these roles the directorate is able to provide a decision support platform to the disaster management continuum.

Directorate: Intelligence, Information and Management

The Directorate: Intelligence and Information Management (Dir: IIM) comprises three managers, one assistant director and a developer and performs as an enabler to other NDMC business units. Its main goal is to provide optimal support to various business units and ensures smooth operations of the NDMC business systems. The applications development team is responsible for all aspects of development and support for internally created business systems. This includes standardization of applications development methodologies, technologies (programming language, databases, and support tools).